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L & S Tire's Products * Truck Tire Treads/Rings

Raw Material for the Maritime Industry

L & S Tire Company, dismantles truck tire tread from the sidewall providing the raw material needed by Schuyler Rubber Company in Woodinville, Washington to produce marine fenders of all types made with recycled material including tug fenders, barge fenders, dock fenders, pier fenders, wheel chocks and many other products.

Rings for Silage Covers and Traffic Barricade Bases

The truck tire sidewalls are ideal for barricade bases, as well as, dairy and cattle farm silage piles and compost coverings.  The advantages of using rings versus the traditional method of whole tires are:

      Do not hold water, which provides breeding ground for mosquitoes;
      Easy to stack and store;
      No place for rodents or other vermin to nest;
      36" in diameter;
      Each ring weighs about 25 pounds;
      No protruding wires; and
      Available in bundles of 30.

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