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L & S Tire's Products * Reusables/Retreads


Tires that enter our facilities are, first and foremost, culled for reusability.  However, L & S Tire Company is different from the rest because we do not compete with our customers.  All tires that can be reused are wholesaled in Southern California, some of which are then exported to Mexico.


L & S Tire Company offers retread companies, tires that are suitable for retreading.  Retreading extends the life of a tire and conserves a valuable non-renewable resource - oil.  In North America, retreading saves 400 million gallons of oil annually.  To manufacture a new tire, 22 gallons of oil must be used.  A retreaded tire only requires 7 gallons.  The trucking industry in North America saves $3 billion annually using retreaded tires. 

Our company philosophy is to remove every tire from the waste stream that we can........

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